Why Education is important for everyone?

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What is Education? Why it is important?

Education is one of the basic needs of every human being whether rich or poor, male or female. It is a human right that no one can take away from him. If we look, the difference between human beings and animals is due to education.

Education is the guarantor of progress for any nation or society. It is this education that causes the growth and decline of nations. Getting an education does not only mean getting a degree from a school, college, or university but also learning to be discriminating and civilized so that one can take care of one’s social traditions and power. Education is the adornment that beautifies the character of the man. If you look at everything in the world, it decreases by sharing, but education is a wealth that does not decrease by sharing but increases, and man is given the status of noble creatures because of education. Education is permissible in every religion. Education is obligatory in Islam. In today’s turbulent and fast-paced world, the need for education is very important, no matter how much time progresses. Although today is the age of computers, the age of nuclear development, the age of science and industrial development, the acquisition of basic modern education, technical education, engineering, advocacy, medicine, and various modern sciences in schools is an essential requirement of today’s age.

Modern sciences are necessary, at the same time, religious education is important in its own right. At the same time, moral education is also very important for man’s friendship with humanity. It is this teaching that awakens in life the feelings of godliness, worship, love, sincerity, selflessness, service to the people, loyalty, and compassion. In cities, more children go to private schools, where most do not have the required playground. There are fields in government schools, but sports activities have disappeared due to lack of interest and lack of resources. Ethical education leads to the formation of a virtuous and virtuous society. The primary goal of education is always to develop a person mentally, physically, and spiritually. Qualified teachers are also essential for getting an education. The teacher is not the one who gets rid of his duties just by reading some books and taking some classes, but the teacher is the one who awakens the secret abilities of the students. Until yesterday, the goal of acquiring knowledge was to build human beings.

Today it is based on numbers and mark sheets. Today’s education is obtained only to get a good job. The extent to which this is true can be gauged from today’s educational environment. Lessons are memorized only to the extent of passing the exam. It is also unfortunate that some elements have become enemies of education who have started such a struggle within our educational system to fulfill their aspirations. Islamic history bears witness to the fact that Muslims ascended in education and training and attained supremacy and progress in religion and the world, but whenever Muslims strayed from knowledge and education they were enslaved or whenever they deprived themselves of educational opportunities. They lose their identity as a nation. Today, educational institutions in Pakistan are the target of terrorism. Enemy forces are trying to weaken the country by distrusting education. Influential areas are a barrier to children’s education, often depriving them of an education and leaving them with a bleak future. The secret of the development of the West is only the importance of education in the world and to make every effort to get an education and on the basis of such education, they have conquered. The success of the West and the decline of the East are also due to lack of education. The nations that have developed so far have done so only through knowledge. The importance of knowledge alone cannot be overlooked. A ransom was set for the release of the prisoners of Ghazwa Badr.

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Those who were poor were released free of charge, but those who could read and write were ordered to teach ten children to read and write. Thus, Zaid ibn Thabit, who was a writer of revelation, learned to write in this way. From this, we can deduce the importance of education. People who are educated in society, be it religious or secular, have a special place in society and in their own homes. A young child is valued by the elders only because of education, so we should get an education and Use it properly.

Curricular Activities

As Rafi said, “Play is the way kids try the world on for their size and imagine their place in it.”

We refer to curricular activities as activities, programs, and learning experiences that, in one way or another, students are learning in school – that is, experiences that are connected to or mirror the curriculum. The development of any country and the mental evolution of its youth can be gauged from its educational status. Education is not limited to textbooks and lectures, but also extra-curricular activities, which contribute to the mental, physical and moral development of the students. They also play an important role in instilling in students such qualities as leadership, high character, and strong morals. Keeping in mind that it is important to equip students with the best mental abilities instead of memorizing lessons like parrots. In other words, it can be said that extra-curricular activities are indispensable for the youth along with education; they give the youth courage and dedication to work hard. Different activities with education are just as important as water for an oasis, without which it cannot be green and lush. The purpose of education is not only to make students a bookworm but also to make them competent and useful citizens of society. In this way, students can hone their skills by participating in various competitions. Sometimes it has been observed that when a young person applies for a job, he/she attaches the certificate along with the educational certificate for various activities such as participating in various sports, scouting, and school, college magazines so that additional performance is also possible. Students can become good forerunners of the future by participating in speech competitions at school and college and can also raise their voices for the complex issues of society by becoming politicians or useful spokespersons for society. One of the aims of these activities is to make students aware of their literature and culture. For this purpose, variety programs, baiting, and essay writing competitions are also organized in the educational institutions, so that the literary tastes of the students may be aroused and they may have the opportunity to express their talents. In addition, scouting training inculcates a habit of discipline in students. Scouts are at the forefront of helping the public in the event of a catastrophe, God willing. In today’s modern age, extra-curricular activities at school, college, and university levels have become quite limited, while there is no acceptance even from government and educational institutions.

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As Aristotle said, “The quality of life is determined by its activities”

There is a need for teachers to play their full role in highlighting the importance and usefulness of extracurricular activities.

Importance of Curricular Activities

These activities install in the student’s self-confidence as well as a spirit of hard work and progress. It has a beneficial effect on the personality of the youth. Not only does it promote the best of the brain but it also creates an atmosphere of healthy competition which not only gives the students a chance to express their natural abilities but also instills in them a sense of leadership. That is why there is no denying the importance of extracurricular activities for students as well as the curriculum.

As Jacque said, “Learning about a variety of activities to increase children’s knowledge of the environment”

According to research, students who participate in extracurricular activities score higher than other students. According to experts, children who learn to manage their time better or reduce their stress are more likely to try to manage multiple things. Students’ health and physical development have a greater impact on education. According to medical experts, a healthy mind is a healthy body. And in view of this view, various activities like sports, races, races are included in the school curriculum. Various competitions are also organized in the school on religious occasions like National Day. These activities include recitation of Naat, recitation of Naat, speeches, and debates on Sira of the Prophet and other Islamic topics. There is also a basic duty to be aware of the basic information about Islam. National heroes are as important to any country as national and religious celebrations. Most educational institutions also organize musical shows for the completion of extra-curricular activities for the children in which the students as well as people from all schools of thought belonging to the society participate and enjoy the music while paying homage to various verses. If the educational process is made into a mechanized process, then the personality of the student is enhanced. As well as being necessary, it also has beneficial effects on human health. According to experts, a bookworm keeps licking the personality. That’s why educational institutions organize leisure tours for students in each session. Participation in drama enables you to develop a balanced personality. We get to know people about culture, customs, and other places through extracurricular activities such as field trips, tours, and excursions. Certificates are distributed in all educational institutions, large and small, to further highlight the talents of the students or to award degrees to the graduating students in the fields of Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Engineering.

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“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open mind”

Role of Teacher in Curricular Activities

Teachers should be good planners so that various activities can run smoothly throughout the year. It is the duty of the teachers to give maximum opportunity to the child while performing extracurricular activities. Teachers should be a good administrators. Teachers should act as innovators by introducing some innovative programs.


I strongly admit that education is the milestone of every type of national. With the help of education, All the Nations can develop their economy and make their society better than before.  I believe that all types of education create awareness in both men and women which makes them self-confident and self-dependent. The importance of education not be neglected by anyone. In today’s world, the role of education becomes more vital than before. It is necessary for everyone’s success. Educating a boy is educating a person and educating a girl is educating a nation.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

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