The best Black Friday deals on gaming laptops you can still get

By November 26, 2022Tech

By Sean Hollister / @StarFire2258
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You’re not just looking for a workhorse. You want a laptop that’s got game. Maybe that means frame rates, maybe even a high-refresh-rate screen for enhanced responsiveness in less demanding games. But above all, you want bang for the buck. That’s why you’re buying right now, during Black Friday week, when some of the best deals (and a bunch of predatory fake ones) show up.
These are the deals that caught my eye — the ones I might consider myself or recommend to a friend, depending on their needs and budget. Let’s start with the least expensive and go from there!
Black Friday bang for the buck doesn’t get much better than this — just be prepared for a bit of a boat when it comes to the chassis.
The 2021 version of the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 doesn’t have a webcam and can get a bit hot, but not many laptops balance gaming performance, design, and battery life so well.
For a big screen in a thin laptop, the Stealth might be your best bet this Black Friday.
Alienware’s AMD-equipped laptop didn’t struggle to get high frame rates and good battery life in our review — though this one has more potent components, including a 360Hz 1080p G-Sync panel.
The Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 is meant to be a fully featured beefy desktop replacement — without as much beef to haul around.
One of the best screens you can get on a gaming machine and incredible power for a laptop this thin.
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Update November 23rd: Added several more deals.
Update, November 25th: Noted items that were sold out.
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