Samsung TV remote control charges itself by harvesting Wi-Fi signals

By January 9, 2022Tech
Samsung TV remote control

Samsung has created a tv remote control that doesn’t require batteries because it attracts energy by harvesting in any other case wasted power emitted by Wi-Fi routers.

The agency initially launched the Eco Distant as a solar-powered machine final yr. Samsung mentioned on the time the distance might forestall 99 million AAA batteries going to landfill over the subsequent seven years. Now, on the 2022 CES know-how commerce present in Las Vegas, the agency has revealed a brand new model of the machine that features a tiny antenna that may seize Wi-Fi alerts from a distance of as much as 40 meters, permitting it to cost even in darkish rooms.

The corporate says it’ll embody the distant management with new televisions and different dwelling home equipment. Samsung didn’t reply to a request to touch upon the precise technical specs of the machine.

Gus Cheng Zhang on the College of Manchester, UK, says that the overwhelming majority of the alerts from Wi-Fi routers that aren’t intercepted by laptops and different gadgets are usually wasted. “They are going to be absorbed someplace due to conservation of power,” he says. “It’s most definitely that after they hit metallic surfaces they’ll be changed into eddy currents after which absorbed and be changed into warmth.”

“It’s undoubtedly an excellent thought, and an excellent instance of power harvesting,” he says of the distant management – and means that in principle you would energy something in the identical approach, though it will make little sense from an engineering standpoint. “You’ve got a router that’s emitting RF [radio frequency] alerts that’s roughly rated at 1 watt, which is restricted by laws. And that’s largely simply issues about security,” he says. “There is no such thing as a technical limitation to how a lot of energy will be transmitted from the router to a tool.”

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Zhang says there are sensible functions for the know-how in sure niches, though solar energy can provide comparable output for gadgets with low energy wants at much less price. Medical implants are one space the place it is smart and is in actual fact already getting used, albeit with completely different frequencies to Wi-Fi that may higher penetrate the human physique.

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