Interesting Start-up of Technology

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Interesting Start-up of Technology

Advantages of Technology

What is technology?

Technology is the branch of knowledge dealing with applied physics or engineering. Technology is the technical and practical use of science and information and includes all the tools and procedures that are related to the practical use of scientific information. The term technology is usually used to refer to a set of techniques (e.g. space technology) and sometimes to something made using engineering styles or techniques. The word technology in English is basically a mixture of two Greek words

Techno = art, style

Logy = study, knowledge

Its current use in the sense of mechanical science (industrial science) and industrial arts began in 1859. The word “high tech” has been used since 1972. Technology is a very broad term and mankind has been associated with it ever since he learned to turn natural means and resources into simple tools. Discovering the way man started a fire in prehistoric times and pushing around objects under a heavy object (which invented the wheel) are all early forms of technology. And in the present era, there are many inventions and styles that have reshaped this world, among them www and its basis i.e. computer, etc. are important. Another aspect is that not all technology has turned to human well-being, but a large number of such technologies have been created and are being created that have the full potential to wipe out humanity and some examples include the atomic bomb and the Neutron bomb. Technology covers both science and engineering and specifically discusses the tools, substances, bodies, and instruments (machines) that play a role in human development.

The advantages and disadvantages of technology are discussed, citing both the positive and negative consequences of using technical equipment. Technology includes all those tools.


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Technological advances have allowed people to quickly access various sources of information. This is made possible by the invention of the Internet, whose network of contacts gives people around the world access to a wide range of knowledge. Before the Internet, humans had more or less limited access to information, as it could only be accessed by visiting libraries. It should be noted that many people cannot go to a bookstore or library, but now they can get all their books from home through the internet. Similarly, anyone can take an online course and learn about any topic they want to know. Technology allows us to connect with people and organizations around the world. This benefits business people and different companies, as they can communicate with their clients faster and more efficiently. Fields such as advertising or marketing have expanded their reach through virtual platforms (such as social networks, web pages, among others) that could have been created through scientific knowledge. Technology has increased the productivity of industries, as well as allowed them to use resources more efficiently. Technology has enabled humans to improve their health systems. Technologies such as genetic engineering can still treat incurable diseases, and sensors make it possible to monitor vital signs and prevent disease. As new technologies emerge, new jobs are created. You can see that there are professions today that did not exist forty years ago. Today technology makes it possible to keep our food better because we can store it in a refrigerator. So it is with many other aspects of daily life. Humans currently include microwaves, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, electric ovens. Digital technology has given us the opportunity to meet people, nations, and cultures from other worlds that would otherwise be impossible to enjoy. In addition, due to the technology cost and time savings of means of transport such as airplanes or high-speed trains, it has become possible to speed up the movement. Previously, a person traveling from one continent to another had to board a ship that could take three to six months. With technological advances, the creation of airplanes has made it possible to cross continents in a matter of hours. The digital age has allowed an individual to market a product or service anywhere in the world, which increases the chances of success. Without technology, problems such as global warming, water scarcity, or pollution cannot be solved. The use of renewable resources and the use of water treatment technologies allow these problems to be solved.

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Disadvantages of Technology

Interesting Start-up of Technology

A major disadvantage of technology is that its overuse contributes to the destruction of the environment, affecting both humans and animals. To address this issue, many organizations and companies have launched campaigns to promote recycling. So that this pollution can be reduced. Technology has made great strides in the field of healthcare, but it can also hurt people who use it in an unsustainable way. Such is the case with excessive use of mobile devices, the screens of which cause eye problems and later cause difficulty in vision. Excessive use of technology causes distance between people. Digital platforms also promote entertainment. This is seen when people around the world spend many hours a day checking social networks or other platforms (such as streaming services), which makes them less effective. Children spend a lot of time on it, which has a detrimental effect on their learning. Addiction is always associated with the use of drugs, alcohol, and other drugs, as well as the so-called addiction to food. However, technological advances have created a new psychological profile for digital addicts. Examples are video games, mobile phones, television, or the Internet.

There are many types of technology such as Construction • Transportation • Energy/Power • Communication • Manufacturing • Bio-Related and much more.

Start-Up of Technology

The era of technology started when the wheel was invented in the world which is the most important technology and after this, more things were invented. Technology is introduced to humans two million years ago when stone tools were the first technological invention. These tools are the oldest in the British Museum. The technology begins even before the formation of our own species. Stones were used as a knife and large size stones were used as hammers. The fire was lit by rubbing the stones together.  It is not known when this actually happened, but the elders adopted this method for a long time. After some time, about 20,000 years later, the awareness of knowledge began to grow among the people. People farmed and arranged their own food and drink.

  • Pottery was made from clay and sand. The wheel was also invented at this time. People made wooden carts, tied them to animals, and began to make travel arrangements. These animals have been used as rides in the past, but with them, many people could travel at one time.
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Interesting Start-up of Technology
  • The irrigation system was started in 6000. Arrangements were made to supply water to the fields and crops and all the people worked hard on this work. After much effort, the irrigation system was improved.
Interesting Start-up of Technology
  • In 850 first-ever gun powder was invented in chine by alchemist
  • The first windmill was invented in Persia in 950. That was the first time that wind was used to operate a mill.
Interesting Start-up of Technology
  • After this in 1044 compass a direction toll was invented to help the soldiers find their way easily. It was mostly used in cloudy weather.
Interesting Start-up of Technology
  • The first mechanical clock was invented in the 13th century in Europe. Before this, the hourglass was invented.
Interesting Start-up of Technology
  • Printing started with Bible. Bible was the first book ever printed By Johanas Gutenberg. Around 1440, Johannes Gutenberg in Germany introduced the existing printing press in a better form. By 1500, hundreds of Gutenberg-based printing presses were operating in Eastern Europe.
  • Alexander Graham bell made the first telephone call, he invented telephone in 1876.
  • In 1901, the radio was invented which was useful for wireless entertainment.
Interesting Start-up of Technology
  • After the radio, the television was the step to show an image on the screen. In 1927 , the first television was invented after two failures.
  • The world’s first computer was invented on May 12, 1941, by the inventor Conrad Souza from Berlin, Germany. Charles Babbage built a machine in 1822 that could perform very difficult calculus very easily and quickly. Ida is said to be the first programmer of her time. But due to lack of money, Charles could not complete his machine but in 1837 he came up with the idea of ​​Analytical Engine which included Arithmetic Logic Unit and other modern day computers. Charles did not see it in his lifetime, but his son Henry completed part of it in 1910. The computer we use today was built by Alan Turing from a computer called the Turing Machine in 1936. This machine could print on paper all the instructions that were given to it. Without this idea we could not use today’s computer.
  • The world’s first computer company, Electronic Controls Company, was founded in 1949 by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. MIT introduced the world’s first computer, the Whirlwind machine, in March 1955, with the idea of ​​RAM.
  • In 1975, a scientist named Ed Roberts introduced the computer called Altair8800 with the word personal computer and at that time it was priced at 50 750 (Rs. 75,000) which today is at least Rs. 500,000. It used a variety of lights.
  • By 1972, the number of computers connected to ARPANET had grown to 23, with the advent of e-mail, which included the @ sign. Protocols are used for data transfer and the most popular protocol on the Internet is TCP /. IPs are used by different types of computers to transfer data to each other. Then in 1989 a European scientist Tim Berners-Lee proposed the idea of ​​www and then in 1993 Marc Andreessen created the first browser in the history of the Internet called Mosiac. You will also find it very interesting that is the first site. It was registered on March 15, 1985.
  • There are so many inventions in the world that are due to the invention of electricity. Electricity has become a basic necessity of human life, but it would not be wrong to say that electricity is the reason for bringing man from the Stone Age to the advanced age. Alessandria Volta discovered the first practical method of generating electricity. In 1831, Michael Fraud laid down the basic principles of generating electricity.
  • The light source bulb, the history of this amazing invention dates back to 150 years ago. Edison and Swan first registered the bulb in 1879 and 1880 and today we have this bulb in many forms.
  • In 1698, Thomas Severe registered the first practical steam engine. This invention of man is called the invention that changed the world. In 1800, thanks to the engine, transportation, agriculture, and other industries improved.
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Technology is not going to slow down anytime soon, we must keep up. Remember that technology supports people, not the other way round.

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

Writer Bisma Khan

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