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What is Fashion?
Fashion is a popular gorgeous expression. Fashion is in clothes, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyles, and lifestyle. Nowadays, people take fashion as a serious matter. Fashion is a thing that pervades every phase of life. The concept of fashion begins in 1826. Charles Frederick was the first fashion designer in the world and established the first-ever fashion boutique in Paris. He was very popular. Due to this, artists were hired by design houses. Their job was to develop ingenious designs. The fashions actually start spreading from Paris. In the 20th century, new changes in the fashion industry took place. Paris created new designs and then, spread them to other counties. Now a sense of fashion awareness is so strong. Now people choose the clothes of their own choice, according to their taste. New trends were created instead of following existing trends. These days, fashion changes almost weekly.
As Bill Cunningham said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”
The trend of makeup was invented 12,000 years ago by Egyptians. But the actual makeup company was developed in the US in the 1910s by Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, and Max factor. Makeup is used to enhance one’s appearance. Romans and Egyptians took great interest in their appearance and spend a lot of money and time on fashion. Makeup is the most important thing in girl’s shopping now. Makeup including eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, brow pencils, and much more. Fashion can also be called self-care.

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Why Fashion Is Important?


Fashion is very important for our youth as it is a ways to showing world what and who you are and who you want to be. Today’s young generation runs after fashion. Teenagers take fashion as an important part of life. It is important as it is our history and the story of the world. Fashion enhances a human life, as a person dress fashionably according to his own taste. It makes ones confident in his choice. It helps to maintain positive self-esteem and is a form of entertainment. A nice outfits not only makes you look pretty but also doubled your confidence. Fashion plays a major role in society. It is important for both men and women. It displays the mood of a person.
As Rachel Joe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Fashion is personal, you can easily choose what you want to and style yourself according to your own taste. Fashion gives youth a sense of belonging in today’s world. A person can use his style as a tool to stand out and be attractive. Being stylish is a skill. Fashion is a language of signs that holds a symbolic role in expressing one’s unique style, social status, gender, and personality. An individual’s fashion represents his culture and social status. As culture is an integral part of the industry. Fashion is the way to express ourselves through makeup, clothing, and accessories. Fashion is also important for the economy, clothing companies contribute a lot to the global economy. A stylish person knows his style. You can tell about a person just by looking at his clothes and sense of styling. Teenagers spent a lot of amount on clothing, accessories, makeup, footwear, bag, etc.  Fashion trends come and go. Our youth is totally influenced by fashion.

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What is a trend?

A trend is simply defined as a direction in which something is developing or changing. It is all about fashion. The trend is the main subject of many posts on social media applications and different websites in a very short period of time. The trend is what is popular at a certain time.
As said, “Fashion is a trend; style is within a person.”
Nowadays, you have to compete with fashion trends. It is a specific look that is popular among people for a certain period of time. In fashion, the trend is said to be any style that is popular at a time. A trendsetter is someone who looks at fashion in an artistic way. They are someone who starts a trend and makes one more popular. In the US ladies like Jennifer Lopez and Posh Beckham are popular as trendsetters. Trends are followed by millions of people on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. In Pakistan the popular trend setters are Sana Safinaz, Maria B, J., and Warda. Pakistani women are known for their style, it is okay to say that they are trendsetters. Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, Sapphire are the brands that are most famous in Pakistan and know for their unique and beautiful styles. It happens much time, fashion is the top trend of Twitter. Online shopping sites are earning a huge amount in dollars because of women’s attraction towards fashion. When it comes to fashion, Pakistan is in the lead. Trends constantly change with time. Clothing is always a trend as it is necessary. Pakistan is advancing in fashion. Women value fashion because it makes them shine. Women wear what is trendy. There is often a debate among women about fashion. Fashion trends are as important as water for women.

Clothing Trend for Women

Clothing Trend for Women
  • Short Frock With Plazo

Short frock with Plazo is a trend that, of course, made the video of an overnight sensation. It is useful to wear at parties as it gives you a casual as well as a gorgeous look. Short frocks are in top trend and are girls favourite. They can also be wear with jeans. And with that, if the colours are well-matched, people will get excited. It can also be worn on birthdays. It will give you a beautiful and charming look. Its simplicity and beauty will make you attractive. It’ll make short girls look taller. Wearing it with heels can
Short frock with Plazo is a trend that, of course, made the video of an overnight sensation. It is useful to wear at parties as it gives you a casual as well as a gorgeous look. Short frocks are in top trend and are girls favourite. They can also be wear with jeans. And with that, if the colours are well-matched, people will get excited. It can also be worn on birthdays. It will give you a beautiful and charming look. Its simplicity and beauty will make you attractive. It’ll make short girls look taller. Wearing it with heels can further enhance its beauty.

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  • Long Shirts

Girls like me don’t prefer to wear short shirts as they feel a bit uncomfortable, long shirts are good for those, and it’s good luck even if they are in trend. These are suitable for girls of all heights. You can choose the design as per your wish. It gives a sense of security as you are cover. Nowadays girls wear it with Plazo, as they are super comfortable. Long shirts can be worn with tights, it’s in trend. This combination is quite good. Wearing it with, flat sandals or heels makes you look more attractive and stylish. It’s up to you how to carry it.

  • Different colour combinations

Different colours combination is on-trend. The most elegant one is a red dupatta with a white kurta. This one is my favourite. There are many handy combinations that look pretty. There are many colours that go together and gives you an elegant look. As the combination of black and red is also considered quite beautiful. The combination of colours is just as interesting as Amway. Wearing one colour with another is very popular among young girls today. Pair of colours helps to make a dress more beautiful. I don’t like to wear a single colour myself. Matching shoes with clothes and then wearing jewellery together is all very interesting. It took a lot of time for girls to choose their today’s look. As girls are more conscious about trends. There are two types of fashion, one western and the other Eastern. Nowadays many girls run after western-style clothes which is a bit different from our religion and culture. But there are also two ways to wear it. If you want, you can also carry western-style clothes with an Easter touch. In this way, both your culture and religion will not be affected. Your style is up to you.

  • Fusion Wear

It is a mixture or combination of both eastern and western clothing. Wearing a short kurti with jeans make you look elegant, stylish and modern. It is fusion wear. It is famous among young girls in Pakistan. As it gives your look both eastern and western touch and make you look more attractive. There are so many designs of Kurtis available today. The girls have a lot to choose. You can wear a variety on Kurtis with a skinny jeans. This dressing is more preferred by university girls because they lose their lives by changing clothes everyday. How many can be run with same jeans. Young girls nowadays give priority to kurtis than shalwar qameez. As Kurtis are more comfortable for them and are in fashion. In summer, they look quite comfortable with light flashes. Fusion wear are one of the most comfortable and handy as they allow you to wear it with a single jeans or tights. A great dress will make you understand what is beautiful about life.

  • Baggy Sweater with long skirts
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This wear is most popular in western countries as it provides you a comfortable and cozy look. It’s a winter trend followed by a number of girls in Pakistan too. University going girls prefer more comfortable and stylish clothes to wear. Fro them it’s the best wear that give them elite touch.  Baggy Sweater are suitable for all kinds of fat and thin girls. Wearing it with a skirt make it look more elegant. Many girls prefer these sweater with Jeans. As they make them look super comfortable. Its a pure western trend.

  • Gharara as Shararas

Gharara and Shararas are now trending again in Pakistan with a lot of different ideas. Shararas are a pair of loose wide legged and flared trousers that can be worn with short kuris on occasions it is also known as Farsi pajama, on the other hand Gharara is a pair of pants that are cut close to the body. This style is specially for weddings or festival. Considering how hot summer is in Pakistan, Gharara can also be used as non- formal wear in normal days by girls. Shararas with small Kurtis are in trend. If you want to carry this style I would prefer to buy white Gharara, it can run with a lot of different Kurtis. You can wear in on birthday parties, festival, college and university events, it gives a desi touch in your style. Wearing it with flat sandals or khussa make it elegant. You can also wear it with heels on festivals, it’s up to you.
As Isaac Bashevis said, “What a strange power there is in clothing.”

Fashion and style mean something to people. It is a way to prove yourself. Fashion has played a huge and vital role in the world. After this research, I came to know about the various styles of garments. Fashion will never fade its face in any era. Fashion in you showcases the outlook of who you are as a person.
“Fashion has always been Pakistan’s Voice”

Writer Bisma Khan

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