EdTutor is ready to reinvent education in Pakistan

By November 22, 2022Pakistan

Reimagine learning with EdTutor!
Ever since the pandemic, Pakistan’s educational landscape has shifted towards a more hybrid approach, with classes, courses, and exams being conducted online with ease. Enter EdTutor, a modern learning application designed to be the ideal study buddy for students while playing an active role in getting results.
The application focuses on easy, inclusive, accessible, and affordable education, aiming to reach the masses across Pakistan for classes 9, 10, and 11. After all, education is for everyone.
EdTutor can be found on the Google Play Store on android phones. It proves that learning can be fun, especially for the students of today!
What is EdTutor?
EdTutor is a convenient alternative to traditional teaching methods. Not only does the application offer easily accessible education across the country through its engaging features, it also provides concise and effective video lessons from the comfort of your own home. The commute to tuition centers after school is no longer necessary. EdTutor is hassle-free, allowing students to have a healthy balance when it comes to their academic life, lightening their psychological burden and exam pressure.

Be it Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or English, EdTutor aims to make learning a positive experience for students. The app does not take away from the syllabus, following all Regional Curriculums as it does in school. It transforms learning into a more advanced, practical, and interactive process.
Why Download EdTutor?
EdTutor offers an exciting range of options when it comes to learning, that too in two different languages, English and Urdu. Features include video-based education, 2D & 3D animation, video playback, end of chapter testing, multilingual learning, easy accessibility, and progress monitoring through the Parent App. Despite being multifaceted, EdTutor also has a new ‘SnapSolve’ feature, ready to assist students with any academic queries without any judgment!

With its ‘freemium’ version, EdTutor gives the first chapter of each subject for free on the app. To further your learning journey, the premium version offers all the information, including a separate ‘SnapSolve’ feature to clear your concepts, for just Rs. 250 per month!
To subscribe, a one-time payment for the year has to be made. To purchase the English app, an annual payment of Rs. 14,500 has to be made. For the Urdu application, a payment of Rs. 9,900 is required for the academic year.
For the English version of the app, three installments of Rs. 5,000 can be made, with Rs. 3,200 per subject. Similarly, for the Urdu version, three installments of Rs. 3,500 can be paid. For individual subjects, the amount is Rs. 2,600 for each subject.

Additionally, EdTutor takes parents' needs into account, aiming to lessen their financial strain due to heavy tuition fees, excessive books, and excessive petrol being consumed from having to drop their children from one place to the next, just to get an A. EdTutor offers the perfect learning solution in just one app!
EdTutor’s Parent App is also available for parents or guardians to keep track of their child’s progress and performance. This comes in handy, especially during the chaotic exam season.
Both students and parents can visit EdTutor’s YouTube Channel as well to see what the app has to offer.

EdTutor’s Role in Education
The world has been moving towards a more digitized environment, with everything now being a click away. EdTutor has taken that step ahead without forgoing certain traditions. Visualize over 4,000 video lessons, 26,000 questions, chapter tests, and more for 5 courses, all available on the EdTutor app at an affordable cost!

It’s time to reinvent the way we learn now with EdTutor.

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